5/1/2003 Well it's been a while since I've updated this site. Allot of new and interesting items are happening.

First We've installed a Edelbrock Qwik Data Recorder. The installation went pretty smooth. There are a total of 17 sensors which monitor the performance of the engine. Were in the final stages of tweaking each sensor settings to give us the optimum readings.  Were hopping to get some data to read pretty soon.

The next item that we had to do is get a new windshield. The windshield that's been installed started to delaminate. This left the windshield very cloudy and hard to see through. It turns out that the windshield is cut out of an F16 jet fighter canopy. I found out that they used the front section and the rear section of the canopy. So each glass is kind of custom. It's not your off the shelf product. I found a person Tracy from TNT Safety capsule. I've been working with him in getting a new windshield. Tracy had to order a windshield from a Air force surplus depot down in Texas and have it shipped to California. The canopy comes in a ten foot section. Tracy then had to cut it to the exact size. I haven't seen it yet but it's been shipped so I should get it in a week or so.

5/10/2003 Well we went to start the engine and we had problems. We turned the motor over but it wouldn't start. It turns out that the ProMag points box wouldn't spark. Luckily one of the other guys had his boat there and we tried the motor with his points box. The motor fired up and roared to life. We've sent the Points box to MSD to be repaired. It should come back in a week or so. Once it's back were have to start the motor again and verify that the box works.

5/27/2003 Well today's the day to test the boat in the water. Before we move and drive to the testing area certain items had to be checked. We check /replace the Transmission fluid, Clutch fluid, V-Drive Oil and Co2. After that we fuel it up with 5 gallons of Methanol and grab some tools and head to the testing area. We test on an wide area of the Kankakee river thanks to the Momence Boat Club. There were three of us Heartbeat Express driven by Brent Cantwell, Dressed in black driven by Bob Baker and my self. We each took two passes the first up river then down river.

MoneytoBurn performed beautifully I staged in the middle of the river and mashed the peddle down. The engine roared to 6907 rpm and took off like a bullet. The boat felt great and every thing performed well. Once were back on the trailer it's time to get some data from the computer. That I'll have to review but at least I have some data to review.





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