Electrical Diagram
Fuel System
Breathing System

Hull Design Kurtis 501
Capsule Denver Big boy
Cockpit Design Denver Capsule which utilizes a canopy from an F-16 jet fighter to protect the driver. The canopy is attached to a roll cage which is molded into a composite nomex core cockpit. The driver is in a form-fitting seat in a reclined position utilizing a five-point harness to hold him in the seat and carries his own air supply on board.
Breathing On demand
Engine Block Fontana Aluminum-block, overhead valve V-8
Heads Fontana Hemi single sparkplug
Supercharger Littlefield 14-71 Hi-Helex
Injector Enderle Buzzard Catcher with Alky/Nitro metering valve
Fuel Pump Enderle
Displacement 557 cid
Horsepower 2500-plus @ 8200 rpm
Compression Ratio 10:1
Pistons Venolia
Rods R&R Custom Hemi Rods
Camshaft Crane Cam
SparkPlugs NGK R6061-8
Oil Capacity 12 Quarts
Fuel Methanol
Fuel Capacity 6 gallons
Clutch Lenco CS2 Clutch
Transmission Lenco 2 Speed ShurShift 25 %
V-Drive Casale 10 degree with Wirlaway
V-Drive Ratio 1-1.80
Shaft Diameter 1 1/4 diameter
Ignition MSD Pro Mag 20
Propeller Design Two blade
Propeller Pitch 17
Propeller Diameter 16 1/4





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