Packing a parachute is relatively easy once you know the technique. Many times racers order a deeper pack because they have trouble packing the "laundry".  Follows these easy steps and you’ll find the canopy, tow lines and pilot chute nicely fits back into the original pack. 

1. Separate and straighten the suspension lines.

2. Fold the lines into the pack; attach to the rubber bands if your pack has them. This will minimize line burns and decrease the chance of the chute spinning or tangling.

3. Fold the canopy by picking it up at a main seam and gather up each skirt band. Repeat process until all four panels can be held in one hand.

4. Fold the canopy into the pack. Make the folds beyond the edges of the pack and tuck in the corners.

5. Insert pilot chute and thread string through loop in pilot. Fold the pack flaps in the following order: bottom, top, side furthest from release cable, release cable side.

6. Once threaded, slide safety pin or cable through loop and remove

7. Hook the elastic side straps.

 To maximize the life of the chute regularly wash your chute in warm or cold water, air dry and then give it a dose of baby powder before packing. This will help in keeping down the mold that can form from being stored wet. Since the chutes are deployed in the water they need to be taken care of.

Chute Storage: During the off month, it is best to remove the canopy & pilot from the pack and stored out of sunlight.


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